About Wound Wise

Overuse of antibiotics is a major problem in difficult-to-heal wounds. Unnecessary antibiotic use leads to the development of resistant bacteria, side effects for the patient and high costs.

This training focuses on the fact that every wound must be diagnosed. In the absence of a diagnosis, the wound is often treated incorrectly and then heals more slowly or not at all, which leads to increased use of antibiotics in two ways. First, there is an increased risk that the wound will actually become infected and antibiotic treatment will be necessary. Second, antibiotic treatment is often given even on non-infected wounds when they are not healing, often after a culture showing growth of colonizing bacteria.

The training is based on doctors in primary care, but anyone who in their professional practice comes into contact with difficult-to-heal wounds can benefit from it.

Wound Wise is a web-based education developed by Strama Stockholm with financial support from Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner and in close collaboration with the national quality register RiksSĂ„r.

For questions about Wound Wise please contact hej@sarsmart.se.

Wound Wise is developed by Learnways.